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Saturday, April 24, 2021 - Greylock Glen - Adams, MA
C-3-C: Easy hike of about four miles to the east side of Ragged Mountain in search of wildflowers.
Bring water, snack.
Leave Time: 10:00 AM. We will meet at the end of Thiel Rd. Greylock Glen.
Leader: Kathy Lee - 413-443-9562 or kathleenglee@gmail.com

Saturday May 1, 2021 -Tekoa Mt -Westfield, MA
B-3-B: We will be spotting cars for this one; there is very little parking at each end of the hike. We
will start on Reservoir Rd. in Wyben, MA (basically, Westfield), hike to the top of Tekoa Mt. which
will include a rock scramble near the top. We will return an easier way with views of a beaver pond &
reservoir, into Montgomery, MA on Pitcher Rd where we will have cars spotted. Parts of trails could
be wet & are rocky. Total mileage will be 6-7 miles. Dog Friendly.
Leave: 9:00 AM from my house – 25 Deer Path Lane, Westfield, MA. We will then spot a couple of cars on Pitcher Rd 
and take a couple to trailhead. Others can remain parked at my house. This is all just minutes from my house.
Leader: Julie Kraus - juliekraus77@gmail.com

Sunday May 2, 2021 -Bartholomew’s Cobble, Sheffield, MA
B-3-B: We will hike the perimeter of the Cobble, then to the top of Hurlburt Hill for lunch and to
watch the hawk migration. Heavy rain cancels. Fee for non-members of the Trustees of Reservations.
Leave Time: 10:00 AM from the Bartholomew’s Cobble parking lot.
Leader: Nancy King – 413-644-8873; King2380@roadrunner.com

Saturday May 8, 2021 –Mt. Greylock/Mt. Williams – Cheshire Harbor Trail and AT - Adams, MA
AA-3-B: We will hike up the Cheshire Harbor Trail to the summit of Mt. Greylock. We will then
follow the Appalachian Trail to the summit of Mt. Williams. We will return the opposite way to return
to the cars. The mileage will be about 12.5 miles. This is a dog friendly hike.
Leave Time: 9:00 AM from Parking area on West Mountain Rd (end of the road).
Leader: Harold Moon - 413-464-4995; or moonharold@aol.com

Saturday May 15, 2021 -Beebe Hill Firetower, Austerlitz, NY
C-3-C (and B-3-C): This will be approximately a 4 mile 500 foot elevation gain, with plenty of add-
on for another 3-4 miles for “overachievers.” Nice views from the Firetower in the first loop.
Leave Time: 10:00 AM from Fog Hill Rd parking lot at Beebe Hill Multi-use Area (42.341184°N, 73.472188°W).
Leader: Greg Shields - Greg.shields@protonmail.com, 518-248-2178 voice/text

Sunday May 16, 2021 -Sanderson Brook Falls Loop – Blandford, MA
B-3-B: Back by popular demand. We will hike about 5-6 miles with the first mile being very steep.
On the return, we have the option to add on the trail that goes along Sanderson Brook and down the
goat path alongside of the falls. Very cool views, especially this time of year. If this doesn’t thrill you,
some can take the regular path to the falls and meet us there. Dog Friendly.
Leave Time: 9:30 AM from Sanderson Brook Falls parking lot in Chester Blandford State Forest off
route 20 across from Bannish Lumber.
Leader: Julie Kraus - juliekraus77@gmail.com

Saturday May 22,2021 –Mt. Everett, Mt. Race - Sheffield, MA
B-3-B: This hike is around 8 miles with an elevation gain of about 2,200 feet. We will hike to the
ridge on the Race Brook trail and then on the AT to Mt Everett. We will then take the AT-southbound
to the summit of Mt Race. The hike will be led at a steady pace with stops to enjoy the views.
Leave Time: Contact leader for meeting time at the Race Brook trailhead on Route 41.
Leader: Russ Cannizzaro - 919-576-6109 (cell), russcann@yahoo.com

Sunday May 23, 2021 - Mt. Greylock Stony Ledge, Williamstown, MA
B-3-C: From the Roaring Brook parking lot, hike up Stony Ledge Trail to the view, then through the
campground, looping down the Roaring Brook Trail.
Leave Time: 10:00 AM from Roaring Brook parking lot.
Leader: Melanie Levitan - 413-446-3952 or melaniedr@aol.com

Saturday May 29, 2021 -Taconic Crest - Stephentown, NY/Hancock, MA
B-3-B: Hiking up Round Mtn. Rd, we will go up the Jeep trail on the NY side and along the Crest
Trail to Misery Mtn. and back, ~8 miles, 1,200 ft. elevation gain.
Leave Time: 10:00 AM from Round Mtn Road (off Rt. 43) where the Jeep Trail starts. (42o 33' 24.51" N, 73o 20' 25.57" W)
Leader: Greg Shields - Greg.shields@protonmail.com, 518-248-2178 voice/txt

Sunday May 30, 2021 -Buckley Dunton Kayak - Becket, MA
C-3-C: We will Kayak about the lake with a leisurely pace exploring for wildlife and flowers.
Leave Time: 9:30 AM at the boat launch area off Yokun Pond Rd. Directions: Approach from Route 8 in Becket 
or from Becket Road off Route 20.
Leader: Kathy Lee - 413-443-9562 or kathleenglee@gmail.com

Saturday June 5, 2021 - Mt. Toby – Sunderland, MA
B-3-C: We will hike a 6-7 mile loop to include the top of Mt. Toby and possibly Roaring Mt. along
the way. We will start on the Robert Frost trail (orange) and return via Tower Rd.
Leave Time: 10:00 AM from Trailhead on Reservation Road in Sunderland, MA
Leader: Julie Kraus - juliekraus77@gmail.com

Sunday June 6, 2021 -Hoosac Range Trail, North Adams, MA
B-3-C: Hike 6 miles total, 3 miles in to a stunning view and 3 miles return by the same trail.
Directions: Route 2 out of North Adams, drive up and up past the Western Summit. BNRC Parking
Lot on right. Bring a lunch and water. Can be cool on top of the range, so dress appropriately.
Carpooling is suggested.
Leave Time: 10:00 AM from BNRC Parking Lot
Leader: Sharon Costello - scostello359@gmail.com

Sunday June 13, 2021 -Bates Memorial State Park and Hollow Fields, Hancock, MA
B-3-B: Bates Memorial State Park flies far, far below the radar. It has one loop trail through the park
that starts off on the south side of Lebanon Mountain Road (Rt. 20W) just past a gate. Trail climbs
steeply on washed out remnants of an old woods road and eventually leaves the state park and crosses
over into the BNRC property, Hollow Fields. We will top out at Perry’s Peak and enjoy the views. The 3 mile loop 
on this property will include a view from the Richmond Overlook (aka Scotty’s Lookout), and a walk through 
some of the 40 acres of fields providing a profile view of Yokun Ridge and a bench to enjoy it from (great lunch spot). At the end of the hike, we can take a short walk to the Bates family cemetery off Rt. 20.
Leave Time: 9:00 AM from Taconic Crest Trail Parking area on Route 20W in Hancock. Parking
coordinates: (42.436623, 73.373547)
Leader: Trish Johnston - patcjohnston@gmail.com; 832-649-0372

Sunday June 20, 2021 -Berlin Mountain - Berlin, NY
B-3-B: Hike 5.5 miles to the summit of Berlin Mountain and back, elevation gain of 1,230 ft. We’ll
leave from the trailhead at Petersburg Pass on Rt. 2 and head south on the Taconic Crest trail. Dog Friendly.
Leave Time: Contact leader for time; leave from the trailhead at Petersburg Pass.
Leader: Mary Vadney - 518-894-2011; or twoblu2@aol.com

Saturday June 26, 2021 -Monroe State Forest, Dunbar Brook Trail, Florida MA
B-3-B: Hike +/- 6 miles on Dunbar Brook Trail and enjoy the views from Raycroft Lookout. The
CCC-built Raycroft Lookout offers magnificent panoramas of the surrounding Hoosac and Green
Mountains and Deerfield River. Elevation gain is 1,236 ft. Dog Friendly.
Directions: From Route 2, turn onto Whitcomb Hill Rd, then turn left onto River Rd.
Leave Time: 10:00 AM from River Rd. trailhead
Leader: Sally Partridge - 413-822-2818; or skpartridge@gmail.com

About Us​
Berkshire Knapsackers was founded in Sept 1977 by Kay Wood, Jack Murphy, Eric Teet, Stanley Wilk, Ann Fitz & Betty Conover. Kay Wood and Jack Murphy among others sent out requests to join and 60 members were signed up, many of whom are still members today. Activities the first year consisted of 21 hikes covering 132 miles. The original group celebrated their 10th anniversary in 1987 at the Audubon Society in Lenox, and their 25th anniversary at October Mountain Lake.

We currently have over 50 outings between September and June with more than 100 members, ranging in age from 20's to 80’s, who value healthy living and an appreciation of nature and the beauty of the Berkshires fostered by outdoor exercise in a social group setting. Outings consist of Hiking, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Kayaking & Biking as well as an annual New Years Day potluck.

We carry on their legacy with the original hiking club shaped into what it is today.

 In Memory of: 

Kay Wood, Tom Conry, Jack Murphy, Ted Thorne, Pat Plue 
Richard King, Bern Collins, Harry Oswain, Rudy Hoeltzel, Mike Monico
At the time of publication of this newsletter, hikes are
limited due to COVID-19 Massachusetts regulations to a maximum of 12 people in one group although the hike leader may additionally reduce the number if advisable. Therefore, hikers MUST contact the leader in advance to reserve a spot on the hike so that attendance can be limited in accordance with state regulations. Please help the hike leader maintain 6 ft. minimum distancing between hikers as also required by the regulations.
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