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Berkshire Knapsackers
COVID 19 NOTICE: Since most COVID 19 restrictions have been lifted at the time of this printing, the committee is not imposing any of its own. The hike leader may determine any restrictions for the hike (such as the size of the group, pre-registration, masks, social distancing, etc.) with the restrictions being specified in the hike write-up. Anyone is welcome to wear a mask, of course, if desired. Hikers will be expected to comply with future state or federal COVID 19 regulations or mandates if enacted.
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Saturday, September 25, 2021 - Housatonic River Paddle (CHANGED), Pittsfield/Lenox, putting in at Fred Garner Park on Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, and taking out at Decker Canoe/Kayak Landing on New Lenox Rd., Lenox, and possibly paddling a little bit up the West Branch of the Housatonic, depending on the paddlers' enthusiasm. The plan will be to set out on the river at 9:00 AM. I am still limiting the group to 10 boats so please contact me if you plan to attend so that car spotting can be coordinated.
Leader: Joe Doboszynski - dobojc@aol.com, 413 448-8359(home) or 339-222-7203(cell)

Saturday, October 9, 2021 - Mahanna Cobble and Yokun Ridge Trail, Pittsfield, MA
 This hike will be broken up into two groups.
a) C-3-B: Hike Mahanna Cobble Trail to Mahanna Cobble view point, a bit steep for .25 mile but then gradual elevation gain of 777 ft., out and back approximately 3 miles. Beautiful view at the top and the pace will be set so it is comfortable for all hikers.
b) B-3-B: For those interested in a bit longer hike, continue on from Mahanna Cobble to Yokun Ridge Trail and hike to Yokun Seat View point, total elevation gain 1,483 ft., out and back approximately 6.5 miles total. 
  Yokun Seat has a beautiful view of Richmond and Pittsfield.
Leave: 10:00 AM from the Bousquet Ski Area, 101 Dan Fox Drive, Pittsfield, MA. Due to construction, 
please park across the street at Bousquet Sports parking lot (previously Berkshire West).
Leaders: Kate Alexander - katesday@gmail.com, 413-822-3396 and 
Sally Partridge - skpartridge@gmail.com, 413-822-2818

CANCELLED - Sunday, October 10, 2021 - Roaring Brook/Skyes Mt/Kirvin Park, Pittsfield, MA
B-3-C: Hike up Roaring Brook and then over to Sykes Mountain, and down to Kirvin Park, about 6.2 miles.
Leave: 9:30 AM; meet at parking lot of Kirvin Park (Williams Street, Pittsfield, for ride share to Roaring Brook start.
Leader: Linda Gunderson - lmgunderson@gmail.com

Monday, October 11, 2021 - Tyringham Cobble Hike, Tyringham, MA
B-3-C: A moderate foliage hike of about 5 miles with gorgeous views from the top of the Cobble. Bring water, poles, snacks. Heavy rain cancels.
Leave: 10:00 AM; meet at the spot where the AT crosses Main Street in Tyringham.
Leader: Nancy King - King2380@roadrunner.com, 413-644-8873

Saturday, October 16, 2021 - Mt. Frissell, Round and Brace, Mt. Washington State Forest, MA
B-3-B: We will hike over 3 peaks (Mt Frissell, Round & Brace) in 3 separate states. 
Approximately 6 miles round trip. Dog friendly.
Leave: Contact Leader for meeting time and place.
Leader: Russ Cannizzaro - russcann@yahoo.com Cell: 919-576-6109

Sunday October 17, 2021 - McLennon Reservation (Trustees of Reservations Property) , Tyringham, MA
 C-3-C: McLennan Reservation consists of about 600 acres in the Tyringham valley and is owned by the Trustees of Reservations. It is a little known trail that offers a range of wooded terrain, a beaver pond and lovely cascading stream. The web descriptions call it a 1.5 mile trail, but the loop is more like 3 or 4 miles. It starts off steeply, but then shifts to gentle ups and downs. From Mass Turnpike (I-90) take Exit 10 (old Exit 2), Rt. 20 East; take 1st right onto Rt.102 West; turn left onto Tyringham Road; after 2.5 miles continue onto Main Road; after 3.7 miles, turn left onto Fenn Rd. (a dirt road) and park along the road. Walk up Fenn Road 0.5 mi. to entrance (Fenn Rd is just past Yo-Yo Ma’s house!).
Leave: 10:00 AM from McLennan parking lot for a 2 hour hike. Limited parking, so please carpool if possible. You can hike up to the old ruins at Ashintully (an adjoining property) afterwards if you like.
Leader: Sharon Costello - scostello359@gmail.com

CANCELLED - Saturday, October 23, 2021 - Monument Mountain Reservation 
and the Flag Rock Tract, Stockbridge, MA
Trustees Member: Free parking. Non-members: $6 parking fee.
Leader: Trish Johnston - patcjohnston@gmail.com

Saturday, October 23, 2021 - Sara Tenney Trail, Taconic Crest Trail, Leete Hollow and Dodd’s Cone Bushwhack, Williamstown, MA
B-3-B: This hike will be approximately 6 miles and 1300 ft. elevation gain. We will have fun exploring with some bushwhacking. Bob worked for the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) for over 40 years and is a very experienced hiker, trail leader and will share the history of the area and trails. He has been responsible for routing/clearing trails in Berkshire County; e.g., Mount Greylock and Appalachian Trail. Wear sturdy shoes or boots. Bring your own water, snack, and tick repellent. Bring a mask in case we are unable to maintain social distance. Parking is on left, halfway up Route 2 headed to Petersburg Pass) 42.70932, -73.25356
Leave: 9:30 AM, Taconic Trail State Park pullout (From Rt 7 in Williamstown, take Rt 2. 
Leader: Bob Hatton - abhatton@gmail.com, 413-458-3123

Sunday, October 24 2021 - Alford Springs, (BNRC Preserve), Alford, MA
B-3-C: Hike a loop of approximately 5-6 miles around Alford Springs Preserve 
with an elevation gain of 500 ft. 
Leave: 10:00 AM from the “Father Loop” trail head parking lot. Alford, MA (42.24812, -73.44573)
Leader: Greg Shields - Greg.shields@protonmail.com; 518-248-2178 voice or text

Saturday, October 30, 2021 - Catskills – Black Dome and Blackhead, Maplecrest,NY
B-3-A: We will hike over two of the Catskills highest peaks (#3 and #4) for a hike of a little over 6 miles and about 2,245 feet of elevation gain. This is a challenging hike with a couple of short steep sections. 
 There are also a few viewpoints with great views.
Leave: 9:00AM A carpool will be arranged at a later date
Leader: Harold Moon - 413-464-4995 or moonharold@aol.com

Sunday, October 31, 2021 - Alander Mountain, Mt.Washington, MA
B-3-B: Hike from Washington Mtn. Headquarters, 3 miles up and 3 miles back down. Dog friendly. Rain cancels.
Leave: 10:00 AM from Washington Mtn. Headquarters.
Leader: Melanie Levitan, 413-446-3952 or melaniedr@aol.com

Saturday, November 6, 2021 - Greylock Glen, Adams, MA
C-4-C: We will hike the Moser Farm Loop Trail, adding the Hidden Meadow Trail and returning on the Birch Meadow Trail which brings us back through a beautiful Birch Forest. A three mile hike. Bring water and snacks. Rain cancels.
Leave: 10:00 AM; Meet at the Adams Hometown Supermarket (formally Big Y) on the corner of Routes 8 and 116 in Adams. From there we will carpool to trailhead.
Leader: Marion Grillon - mariongrillon@hotmail.com 413-663-8700

Sunday, November 7, 2021 Catskills – Plattekill Mountain, West Saugerties, NY
B-3-B: This is considered an easy hike. We will hike about 5.2 miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of just over 1,000 feet. The hike will take us to the summit of Plattekill Mountain with views of Echo Lake below. If we have time, we will also visit several water falls at Upper Platte Clove which is on the same road nearby. Dog Friendly
Leave: 9:00AM; A carpool will be arranged at a later date.
Leader: Harold Moon - 413-464-4995 or moonharold@aol.com

Saturday, November 13, 2021 - North Sugarloaf Mt. Loop, South Deerfield, MA
B-3-B: Hike 7.2 miles up South Sugarloaf Mt., along the ridge and loop around to North Sugarloaf Mt. and back. Elevation gain is 1745 ft. The beginning is quite steep, but the top is worth the workout going up. Dog friendly.
Leave: 9:30 AM from Sunderland Road (Rt. 116) 42.46779, -72.59206 in South Deerfield, MA.
Leader: Julie Kraus - juliekraus77@gmail.com

Sunday, November 14, 2021 - Pittsfield St Forest (Pat memorial trail), Pittsfield, MA
B-3-C: Hike Lulu Brook to Berry Pond, Taconic Crest Trail to Tower Mt, Pine Mt Trail to Hawthorne. Dog friendly.
Leave: Contact hike leader.
Leader: Vicky Singer - vsinger30@gmail.com or text 413-841-5246

Saturday, November 20, 2021 - Sections 3 & 4 of the NET - West Springfield to Holyoke, MA
B-3-B: We will need to spot cars. Then we will hike 7 miles along the two sections of the NET finishing in Holyoke, MA. Elevation gain is 816 ft. Dog friendly.
Leave: 9:00 AM Meet at the end of the hike on Route 202 (Westfield Rd.) in Holyoke, MA. 42.18440, -72.67072, then we will drive to the trailhead on Westfield Rd. in West Springfield, MA
Leader: Julie Kraus - juliekraus77@gmail.com

Sunday, November 28, 2021 - Bearpen Mountain via Snowmobile Trail, Bearpen Mountain State Forest, New York
B-3-B: Hike out and back approximately 6-7 miles in the Bearpen Mtn. State Forest with an elevation gain of 1900 ft. Dog friendly.
Leave: 10:00 AM from the Bear Pen Mtn trail head parking lot, Prattsville, New York (42.28399, -74.46151)
Leader: Greg Shields, Greg.shields@protonmail.com; 518-248-2178 voice/txt

Saturday, December 4, 2021 -Section 7 of the NET (Seven Sisters) - Amherst to Hadley, MA
B-3-A: Section 7 of the NET (Seven Sisters) - Amherst, MA to Hadley, MA We will be spotting cars and hiking 5.2 miles from the Notch in Amherst, up Bare Mt. (which is a bear!) and along the ridge that has many ups and downs to Skinner Mt. and back to our cars. This hike has many beautiful views and is a great workout! (Just ask Sally & Gary about when we did it both directions ) Dog friendly.
Leave: 9:30 AM Meet off Route 47 in Hadley, on the Mountain Road trailhead, to spot cars. (42.29122, -72.59995). We will then drive to the Notch on Route 116 (Amherst Rd) 42.30499, -72.52852 where we will begin the climb up Bare Mt.
Leader: Julie Kraus - juliekraus77@gmail.com

Saturday, December 11, 2021 - Knox Trail Hike, Otis, MA
C-3-C: Hike the path of the cannons captured at Ft. Ticonderoga as they were transported through Otis by General Henry Knox to the revolutionary forces in Boston. This is a 2 way hike, set up to be an in-and-out of approximately 6 miles but for those wanting only a 3 mile hike, arrangements will be made to spot your car at the 3 mile mark of the hike. Dog friendly.
Leave: 9:30 AM Meet at pull off on left side of Rt. 8 just north of the foot bridge and 1 mile south of Otis Center. Contact leader to spot your vehicle at 8:40 AM for 3 mile hike.
Leader: Joe Doboszynski; dobojc@aol.com; 413 448-8359(home) or 339 222-7203(cell)

About Us​
Berkshire Knapsackers was founded in Sept 1977 by Kay Wood, Jack Murphy, Eric Teet, Stanley Wilk, Ann Fitz & Betty Conover. Kay Wood and Jack Murphy among others sent out requests to join and 60 members were signed up, many of whom are still members today. Activities the first year consisted of 21 hikes covering 132 miles. The original group celebrated their 10th anniversary in 1987 at the Audubon Society in Lenox, and their 25th anniversary at October Mountain Lake.

We currently have over 50 outings between September and June with more than 100 members, ranging in age from 20's to 80’s, who value healthy living and an appreciation of nature and the beauty of the Berkshires fostered by outdoor exercise in a social group setting. Outings consist of Hiking, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Kayaking & Biking as well as an annual New Years Day potluck.

We carry on their legacy with the original hiking club shaped into what it is today.

 In Memory of: 

Kay Wood, Tom Conry, Jack Murphy, Ted Thorne, Pat Plue 
Richard King, Bern Collins, Harry Oswain, Rudy Hoeltzel, Mike Monico