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Berkshire Knapsackers
COVID 19 NOTICE: Since most COVID 19 restrictions have been lifted at the time of this printing, the committee is not imposing any of its own. The hike leader may determine any restrictions for the hike (such as the size of the group, pre-registration, masks, social distancing, etc.) with the restrictions being specified in the hike write-up. Anyone is welcome to wear a mask, of course, if desired. Hikers will be expected to comply with future state or federal COVID 19 regulations or mandates if enacted.
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2024 Spring Schedule
NOTE: For hikes listed as “Dog Friendly” please contact the hike leader in advance for any special details. Generally, state parks require that dogs be on leash and are picked up after. Please be prepared to comply with these requirements.​

Saturday, June 1, 2024 - North Pond, Blackburian, Old Florida, Busby, and Lost Pond Loop, Florida, MA
A-3-B: Beginning at North Pond trailhead, the hike takes us past Tower Swamp, then up to Swamp Hill.
This is an 8.2 mile loop trail located near Florida, MA, that features a lake and is rated as a moderate hike. There is a 1358-hike elevation gain, with great views.
Leave: 9:00 AM from the Allendale Shopping Center, or meet @ 10am from the North Point Trailhead in
  Savoy Mountain State Park Pond Beach.
Leader: Jim Solon, jsolon3680@aol.com

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - Wittenberg (3,740 ft) and Cornel ( 3,860 ft), Woodland Valley, NY
A-3-B: The exact date will be determined by weather and group availability. We will climb these two Catskill peaks from Woodland Valley. There are rock scrambles on the climb to Wittenberg and there is a steep ledge to navigate just before the Cornel summit. Round trip mileage is 9.4 miles with an approx. elevation gain of 2,600ft. Max. group size is 12, min. group size is 4. If interested please let me know by May 26. There may be a parking fee at the Woodland Vallley campground.
Leave: Please contact me for meeting details.
Leader: Russ Cannizzaro, russcann@yahoo.com or call 919-576-6109 before 7:00 PM 

Saturday, June 8, 2024 - Pine Cobble, Class of 98, and AT to Vermont Border, Williamstown, MA 🐕
B-3-B: Hike Pine Cobble Trail to Pine Cobble Mountain viewpoint, 1200 ft elevation gain. Continue to the Appalachian Trail and on to Vermont border (another 500 ft elevation gain). Return on AT and Class-of-98 Trail. Total mileage is approximately 7 miles. Parking lot at the trailhead is small - a carpool will be arranged. Dog friendly.
Leave: 9:00 AM from Pine Cobble Rd Trailhead (42.71615,-73.18531). Please Contact leader if you will be joining the hike.
Leader: Sally Partridge - skpartridge@gmail.com, 413-822-2818

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 – Canoe/Kayak, Upper and Lower Goose Pond , Lee, MA
Paddle Upper and Lower Goose Ponds. Estimated Time: 2 to 3 hours; Distances: 6.5 miles; Pace: Leisurely. Rating: Easy flat water
Leave: 6:00 PM @ Ridge St, Lee, MA (42.274404, -73.200955)
Leader: Scott Latvalla, latvalla@aol.com or 413-446-6399 

Saturday, June 15, 2024 - Cheshire Habor Trail to Mount Greylock, Adams, MA
B-3-B: This is the easiest and shortest ascent route from the base to the summit Mount Greylock, the highest peak in Massachusetts. There are some spectacular views at the summit. Signs at the top call out points of interest that are visible on a clear day, including the Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire and Mount Wachusett in Massachisetts. 
This is a 6.2 mile out and back hike with an elevation gain of 1916 feet.
Leave: From Big Y Parking lot at 9am, or 9:45am at the Cheshire Habor trailhead, W Mountain Rd, Adams
Leader: Jim Solon, jsolon3680@aol.com

CANCELED Wednesday, June 19, 2024: Canoe/Kayak - Buckley Dunton Reservoir, Becket, MA
Paddle 1 to 1.5 hours on Buckley Dunton Reservoir; 
Distance: 3.5 miles; Pace: Leisurely. Rating: Easy flat water.  
Leave: 6:00 PM @ 42.312419, -73.131996 (Becket, MA)
Leader: Scott Latvalla, latvalla@aol.com or 413-446-6399 

Saturday, June 22, 2024 - Mt. Greylock State Reservation, Williamstown, MA
A-3-B: We will climb Mt. Greylock using the Hopper Trail and the AT. Our return route will include a 
walk on Sperry Rd. to Stony Ledges and the Haley Farm trail.
Leave: Please contact me for meeting detail by Thur. June 20.
Leader: Russ Cannizzaro, russcann@yahoo.com or call 919-576-6109 before 7:00 PM 

CANCELED Sunday, June 30, 2024 - Ascutney Mt. via Weathersfield Trail, Perkinsville, VT
B-3-B: This will be a 5.2 mile+ hike to the summit of Ascutney Mt.(Elevation Gain 2185 ft.) At the top, I would like to add a loop to Ascutney North, Brownsville Rock & Castle Rock. If that's not enough for everyone, we have the option to pop over the Ascutney South as well. Dogs on leash.
Leave: 9:30 AM from Weathersfield Trailhead on High Meadow Rd. (43.42675,-72.46610)
Leader: Julie Kraus, juliekraus77@gmail.com or text at 413-579-4325

About Us​
Berkshire Knapsackers was founded in Sept 1977 by Kay Wood, Jack Murphy, Eric Teet, Stanley Wilk, Ann Fitz & Betty Conover. Kay Wood and Jack Murphy among others sent out requests to join and 60 members were signed up, many of whom are still members today. Activities the first year consisted of 21 hikes covering 132 miles. The original group celebrated their 10th anniversary in 1987 at the Audubon Society in Lenox, and their 25th anniversary at October Mountain Lake.

We currently have over 50 outings between September and June with more than 100 members, ranging in age from 20's to 80’s, who value healthy living and an appreciation of nature and the beauty of the Berkshires fostered by outdoor exercise in a social group setting. Outings consist of Hiking, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Kayaking & Biking as well as an annual New Years Day potluck.

We carry on their legacy with the original hiking club shaped into what it is today.

 In Memory of: 

Kay Wood, Tom Conry, Jack Murphy, Ted Thorne, Pat Plue 
Richard King, Bern Collins, Harry Oswain, Rudy Hoeltzel, Mike Monico