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Berkshire Knapsackers
COVID 19 NOTICE: Since most COVID 19 restrictions have been lifted at the time of this printing, the committee is not imposing any of its own. The hike leader may determine any restrictions for the hike (such as the size of the group, pre-registration, masks, social distancing, etc.) with the restrictions being specified in the hike write-up. Anyone is welcome to wear a mask, of course, if desired. Hikers will be expected to comply with future state or federal COVID 19 regulations or mandates if enacted.
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2023 Winter Schedule

Sunday, January 1, 2023 Knapsackers New Year’s Day Gathering - Lenox Sportsmen's Club
C-4-C: Short hike: Leave the Sportsmen's Club at 9:30 AM after dropping off covered dish. A casual 4 mile hike at Kennedy Park, Lenox, trail is to be determined. Dog Friendly. 🐕🐩  

Pot-luck lunch: 1:00 PM. Please bring an appetizer, dessert, salad, or entree to share. Please bring your own place settings and serving utensils. The Club will provide tea, coffee, and hot cocoa. A short business meeting will be held following lunch. Drop off your pot luck 9:30-12:00 if you are not hiking.

Program: History of the Berkshire Knapsackers presented by Harold Moon
Leave: 9:30 AM from the Sportsmen's Club to drive to Kennedy Park
Leader: Joe Doboszynski - dobojc@aol.com or 339-222-7203 (cell) 

Saturday, January 7, 2023 Silver Fox/Cheshire Harbor Loop, Southeast Side of Mount Greylock – Adams, MA
C-4-C: 4.9 miles, 1000 feet of elevation gain. Meet at the Cheshire Harbor parking/trailhead, at the very end of West Mountain Road in Adams. Trail starts out with a bit of downhill, then all the elevation gain is concentrated in the next two miles. At around 2 miles, we’ll look for the Silver Fox Falls. 
After 2.7 miles, it’s all downhill back to the parking lot.
Snowshoes, microspikes, or just boots may be appropriate. Please bring microspikes even if you 
don't think you'll need them; it may be icier as we gain elevation. 
Please be aware that our route includes trails that allow snowmobiles.
Leave: 9:30 AM from Cheshire Harbor trailhead 
Leader: Karen Gorss Benko - karengorssbenko@gmail.com or 413-652-9913 

Sunday, January 15, 2023 Raycroft Overlook of Bear Swamp Reservoir, Monroe State Forest - Monroe, MA
B-3-B: Out and Back. 7.44 miles, 1,481 feet elevation gain. Starting Point looks like a canyon, and you can drive in past the East Portal RR Tunnel and the dam. (If you want to meet us up there, but don't want such a strenuous hike, I can give you an ETA, and you can come up on Raycroft Rd. on your own to meet us, ~5 miles +650 ft. RT. Round Trip) 
 Dogs on a leash are welcome!
Leave: 10:00 AM from the Dunbar Brook trailhead: Monroe, MA 01350 (GPS 42.70334, -72.95044)
Leader: Greg Shields - Greg.shields@protonmail.com or 518-248-2178 voice/text 

Saturday, January 21, 2023 Noble View Outdoor Center Border Trail & more - Russell, MA
B-3-C: This will be a hike in a pretty area where I will combine a couple of loops to bring the mileage up to 6-8 miles. If there is enough snow, then we can snowshoe. Elevation 748 ft. with possibly another steep section that will not bring it above 1000 ft. (my guess). Bring microspikes.
Leave: 9:30 AM from Mac Ross Trailhead off entrance road to Noble View Outdoor Center from South Quarter Road, Russell, MA. (First parking area you see on your left).
Leader: Julie Kraus – juliekraus77@gmail.com or text 413-579-4325

Sunday, January 29, 2023 Twin Mtn., from Prediger Road Parking Area - Elka Park, NY
B-3-A: Out and Back. We will proceed up the Jimmy Dolan Notch and back. ~6 mi, +1,900 ft. 5 Star views on Twin Mtn. Dogs on a leash are welcome!
Leave: 9:00 AM Exit 21 Park & Ride, Catskill, NY 12414 (42°14'48.1"N 73°53'05.7"W) for the trailhead
Leader: Greg Shields - Greg.shields@protonmail.com or 518-248-2178 voice/text 

Saturday, February 4, 2023 Full Moon Hike at The Boulders - Pittsfield/Dalton, MA
C-3-C: Hike approximately 3.5 miles under a full moon, from Dalton Ave. up the trail to The Boulders
overlooking Pittsfield. It will be a snowshoe if conditions warrant. Cancel for rain. 
Possible debrief after the hike at Applebees.
Leave: 6:30 PM from Boulders Parking Lot on Dalton Ave. across from the Hubbard Rd. traffic light.
Leader: Joe Doboszynski - dobojc@aol.com or 413-448-8359 (home), 339-222-7203 (cell) 

Saturday, February 11, 2023 The Boulders and Brewery - Pittsfield, MA
C-3-C: Hike a casual 5 miles up and around The Boulders in Dalton, MA, with lunch to follow, for those interested, at the Wandering Star Brewery, off Merrill Rd. in Pittsfield, right by The Boulders. The Wandering Star Brewery does not have restaurant capability but they have seating for dining, sampling, and savoring at least 8 of their brews on tap. We can bring our lunches in, pick up a pizza on the way at Pizza Hut or a lunch from O’Laughlin’s Restaurant next door to the brewery.  
Leave: 10:00 AM from the Boulders Parking Lot on Dalton Ave. across from the Hubbard Rd. traffic light 
Leader: Joe Doboszynski - dobojc@aol.com or 413-448-8359 (home), 339-222-7203 (cell) 

***CANCELLED*** Sunday, February 12, 2023 Catamount Ski Trail Section 2, Southern VT - Whitingham, VT
Nordic ski out and back (approx. 2 hr. each way) along a relatively flat trail on the western shore of Harriman Reservoir. The Catamount Ski Trail is a backcountry ungroomed trail, as such, snow and trail conditions vary. Everyone will be expected to break trail, if needed. Distance covered will depend on conditions.
Leave: 9:30 AM Dam Rd, Whitingham, Vt 
(parking area is at the end of the road near Harriman Dam)(42.791528, -72.914244)
Leader: Scott Latvalla - latvalla@aol.com or 413-446-6399

Saturday, February 18, 2023 Mt Greylock via Cheshire Harbor – Adams, MA
B-3-B: We will hike/snowshoe the Cheshire Harbor Trail from West Mountain Rd the summit of Mount Greylock and then return for about 6.5 miles. Elev. gain 2,041 feet. 
Leave: 9:00 AM from parking area on West Mountain Road in Adams  
Leader: Harold Moon - moonharold@aol.com or 413-464-4995

Sunday, February 19, 2023 East Mountain on the AT, Clarksburg State Forest - North Adams, MA 
B-3-B: Out and Back from Pattison Rd trailhead, through North Adams via Phelps Ave. on the sidewalk to the foot bridge over the Hoosic River, and up the AT to East Mt., and over to Pine Cobble and then return back. This hike will include passing through North Adams residential area. About 8 miles and +2100ft. (C-3-C option: You are welcome to do a shorter hike of ~3 miles, +500ft by returning back after crossing the foot bridge, and returning to the Pattison Rd trailhead starting point yourself.) Dogs on a leash are welcome!
Leave: 10:00 AM from the Pattison Rd trailhead in N. Adams, MA (GPS 42.68766, -73.15974)
Leader: Greg Shields - Greg.shields@protonmail.com or 518-248-2178 voice/text 

Saturday, February 25, 2023 Sections 1 & 2 NET Trail MA - Southwick, MA
B-3-C: This will be a point to point hike and, therefore, we will be spotting cars. Combining the two sections will bring the distance to 6.1 miles with combined elevation of around 760 ft. If there is plenty of snow, we can snowshoe. Dog Friendly, but keep in mind we will be crossing a couple of roads. Bring microspikes.
Leave: 9:30 AM from Parking Area for Robinson State Park at the intersection of Rt. 187 and N. West Street in Feeding Hills, MA. Across from a farm stand/store. We will then spot cars & drive to trailhead for Section 1 of NET.
Leader: Julie Kraus – juliekraus77@gmail.com or text 413-579-4325 

Saturday March 18, 2023 Jug End Reservation - Egremont, MA 
C-3-C/D: This is a 4.1 mile loop with about 574' elevation gain at the former site of the Jug End Barn Resort. Some hills but pretty gentle terrain, very beginner friendly. If the ground isn't frozen or snow covered then expect lots of mud there. If we have enough snow this is a great place to try your snow shoes! Dogs on leash are welcome.
Leave: Contact leader for starting time from Jug End Reservation parking lot on Jug End Rd. in Egremont
Leader: Tracy Rakin - arahowtato@gmail.com or 845-416-4536

Sunday, March 19, 2023 Mt Harvey / Pinnacle Point Loop – Austerlitz, NY 
C-3-B This will be a loop hike of ~4 mi, +850 ft of elevation gain total. There will be a 2 mile extension (+400ft.) for hikers interested. The extension will cross busy roads. Dogs on a lease are OK.
Leave: 10:00 from Harvey Mt. Trailhead, 499 E Hill Rd, Austerlitz, NY 12017 (42.326144, -73.439772)
Leader: Thea Baker, 413-429-5989 cell/MMS
Co-Leader: Greg Shields- greg_shields@outlook.com or 518-248-2178 voice/text

Saturday, March 25, 2023 Hand Hollow/Kinderhook Creek - East Chatham/East Nassau, NY
B-3-C: Hand Hollow in East Chatham NY (3 miles) and Kinderhook Creek in East Nassau (5 miles). The 2 hikes are 5 miles apart. Two beautiful areas in nearby New York. Hand Hollow relatively flat goes past wetlands and a beautiful pond. https://clctrust.org/public-conservation-areas/hand-hollow/. Kinderhook Creek Preserve is a five mile loop along the creek with one steep uphill.https://www.renstrust.org/explore/preserves/public-preserves/13-kinderhook-creek-preserve. The plan is to drive from one to the other so that both can be appreciated. 
 Dog friendly. Rain cancels.
Leave: Contact Vicky Singer vsinger30@gmail.com for meeting place and time
Leader: Vicky Singer - vsinger30@gmail.com

Sunday, March 26, 2023 Bear Mountain - Salisbury CT.
B-3-B: Hike approximately 6 miles to Bear Mountain Summit, 1683 ft elevation gain (Connecticut's tallest peak at 2,323 feet). We will do a loop hike going up Paradise Lane Trail to AT (rock scramble) and down Undermountain Trail. Please bring your spikes. It may be icy this time of year. If conditions are too icy, we will go up/down on Undermountain Trail.
For those interested, after the hike, we can stop at the historic Stagecoach Tavern at Race Brook Lodge for brunch and/or beverages (just down the road from trailhead).
Leave: Contact Leader for leave time. Trailhead is on Route 41 in Salisbury CT, about 2 miles from Mass/CT border traveling South from Mass. (GPS 42.02876, -73.42887)
Leader: Sally Partridge - skpartridge@gmail.com or 413-822-2818 

About Us​
Berkshire Knapsackers was founded in Sept 1977 by Kay Wood, Jack Murphy, Eric Teet, Stanley Wilk, Ann Fitz & Betty Conover. Kay Wood and Jack Murphy among others sent out requests to join and 60 members were signed up, many of whom are still members today. Activities the first year consisted of 21 hikes covering 132 miles. The original group celebrated their 10th anniversary in 1987 at the Audubon Society in Lenox, and their 25th anniversary at October Mountain Lake.

We currently have over 50 outings between September and June with more than 100 members, ranging in age from 20's to 80’s, who value healthy living and an appreciation of nature and the beauty of the Berkshires fostered by outdoor exercise in a social group setting. Outings consist of Hiking, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Kayaking & Biking as well as an annual New Years Day potluck.

We carry on their legacy with the original hiking club shaped into what it is today.

 In Memory of: 

Kay Wood, Tom Conry, Jack Murphy, Ted Thorne, Pat Plue 
Richard King, Bern Collins, Harry Oswain, Rudy Hoeltzel, Mike Monico